PVC double tube extrusion production line

GF-63 double pipe extrusion production line technical parameters

Host: Main machine: SJSZ-51

Auxiliary machine: Accessory machine: GFDP-63

Production range: Production area: φ16-φ 63mm

Production speed: Production speed: 12m /min

Maximum production: Max. output: 120kg /h

The production line of the company with the Western European advanced technology developed from. Host SJSZ51 / 105 or SJSZ65 / 132 conical twin-screw extruder, with a single tube of single-tube stainless steel spray stereotypes, the production to avoid a tube adjustment and affect the waste of another tube phenomenon, automatic single-controlled double tractor And cutting with the front of the two-stereotypes technology integration, so that the operation more flexible, allowing you to enjoy a separate control of the two-pronged single benefit, double pipe extrusion diameter from Φ20-Φ63, can make full use of extruder extrusion capacity, Even the production of small diameter pipe can also achieve very high yield. 

◆ First-class quality into the years of experience in the double-tube extrusion die.

◆ Forced by the perfect double tube vacuum sizing system.

◆ Independent control of the overall structure of the double-tube traction mechanism and synchronous cutting device.

◆ With accurate and free temples of the flip and stacking device.